April 7

I’ve been writing the script for this episode for the last three days. Started on April 4th and everyday I write a few pages. Good progress. But in my head I’ve been working on it for almost a month.

The idea is very simple, very slice-of-life. I had the original idea while we were recording for Tiny Tales episode 2. But I didn’t start writing for more than a month. I was letting the idea gestate in my head. Everyday I’d think a little more about each character, working on their backstories and conflicts all mentally. Without thinking of a single dialogue. The actual scripting part is just creating dialogue to convey what the character is, what he’s gone through. Only when I had built up enough in my mind did I start actually writing. This is important because when everything’s in your head it’s malleable.

Think of it like playing with play-doh. You can change the shape to any form, add or reduce clay as long as it’s in your imagination. Now let’s say you’ve built an elephant with play-doh. But you realise later that a horse was what you actually wanted. Now you have to break off the pieces one by one and start from scratch. Not a good feeling.

If I had started writing as quickly as possible and then ten pages later had I realised that it wasn’t the right direction, I would have been left with no choice but to get rid of all that hard work. But because I didn’t actually write a single word until that seed had become a plant in my head, when I did actually start writing I knew what happens next, who feels what and so on.

April 10th

Done with the script. First draft printed. Steadily making a few alterations every day in the printed script. Will keep tweaking minor details until the day of recording.

April 22nd

There are some obvious problems with this show at this stage. This whole week, from Monday to Friday I’ve been coordinating with actors. Nothing creative just boring, annoying admin work.

I posted on various groups on Facebook, WhatsApp etc that I’m looking for voice actors. The good ones didn’t want to do it for free (understandable). I told actors we can provide meals and metro transportation but it just wasn’t enough for most. We are not making any money from this show right now so we definitely can’t pay actor’s day fees, unless I start paying out of my own pocket.

Some guys did agree to come over. By Wednesday I had three guys who had committed to come to the studio on Saturday. But by Thursday one had backed out. By Friday I had managed to find a third guy once again. But early Saturday morning another guy backed out. This left me with no choice but to play a character myself.

Bad Decision.

Recorded on Saturday but it’s unusable. My acting is terrible. This is why I don’t like to act and direct at the same time, I can’t concentrate on either and fail in both. Will re-do this one soon – without me.

April 28th

I don’t know how but we managed to lock 3 new actors and did it all in one recording session. It was great seeing the actors play off each other and improvising together.

I was free to direct and didn’t have to worry about performing. Onto post production now.

May 10th


I had a very strong visual in my head so commissioned a digital painting of that scene. Will use on YouTube.

Some issues with one of the actor’s voice (room-y, reverb-y) which should have been taken care of in recording itself. Can’t fix it no matter what I do now. Shit happens, eh?