• #1: Anshul Kaushik – Historian/Collector

    The Process

    Pratik mumbles through a discussion with Anshul Kaushik who is a software engineer turned amateur historian & collector of historical objects. Anshul runs http://historyhunter.in and tweets on @historyhunter_. You can follow Pratik on twitter @pratikarora ///// Links to stuff said on this episode: 1. Below the surface: https://belowthesurface.amsterdam/en/vondsten 2. Dafen Artist Village, China: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dafen_Village 3. […]

  • #4 S01E04 – Time Lag

    TinyTales Podcast

    In the middle of the night, a young couple discovers a stranger inside their house. Performed by Neera Bakshi, Yash Baghel & Manjit Singh. Editing & Sound design by Pratik Arora. Written & Directed by Pratik Arora.

  • #3 S01E03 – Reunion

    TinyTales Podcast

    At their 10 year college reunion, three friends talk about their past, present & future. Performed by Harsh Vohra, Puneet Malik & Rajat Malhotra. Editing & Sound Design by Pratik Arora. Written & Directed by Pratik Arora.

  • TinyTales Ep#3 Liveblog: The Importance of Letting an Idea Gestate


    April 7 I’ve been writing the script for this episode for the last three days. Started on April 4th and everyday I write a few pages. Good progress. But in my head I’ve been working on it for almost a month. The idea is very simple, very slice-of-life. I had the original idea while we […]

  • TinyTales Ep#2 Liveblog: Writing Detective Fiction is Bloody Hard


    SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 2 BELOW. TURN AWAY IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO IT YET. Dec 13 Writing episode 2 of Tiny Tales and it’s bloody hard. This is my first ever attempt at detective fiction and in hindsight a radio drama was the worst possible format to start with. One day I am stuck on […]

  • #2 S01E02 – Bombay Blue

    TinyTales Podcast

    In the monsoon summer of 1885, amateur detective Bikram Roy is tasked with a peculiar case – the mysterious disappearance of a legendary sapphire called Bombay Blue. Can he navigate a maze involving elites & high-ranking officals of Bombay city to uncover the truth? Performed by Pratik Arora, Anurag Awasthi, Amitoj Singh, Prerna Jain, Lauren […]

  • Ep#2: Budgeting

    Riches Await

    A good budget helps maintain the right balance between saving & spending.

  • Ep#1: Financial Goals

    Riches Await

    Setting Financial Goals for yourself like saving for a comfortable retirement or saving to send your children to college is the first step towards financial freedom.

  • Ep#2: Dr. Tejinder Kaur

    Lassi with Charan

    Dr. Tejinder Kaur, PhD is a retired professor of Punjabi from the University of Delhi. Lassi with Charan available on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube & all popular android podcast apps. For more visit Radiofly.in/lassi-with-charan

  • The Story Behind Episode 1 of TinyTales Podcast, & Radiofly Itself


    SPOILERS FOR EPISODE ONE OF TINY TALES PODCAST BELOW. TURN BACK IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO IT YET. HERE’S THE LINK. I was in a bank filling a deposit slip for a cheque. Then an idea fell into my head – what if a different Pratik Arora manages to get his hands on this cheque. […]