Hi guys! Long time no see.
Just wanted to send out a message to those who read show notes.

I’m fairly busy these days – a full-time job and lots of “adulting” chores every week. And then there’s my podcast app for android, Sonnet. (Please get it if you haven’t already – it’s designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. I honestly designed it because I was using Castbox one day and got stressed out because there was too much going on. I needed something clean and minimal and I couldn’t find the kind of aesthetic I like).

But during the lockdown, I reached out to some voice actors and started producing a sketch comedy podcast. I always wanted to do this format and it’s such a rush being able to do it. There are actors from the UK, from the US, and from Canada. I send them the scripts, they record in their own home studios and send their recordings to me, and then I stitch everything together.

The show is called Cake Block and it’s hit #1 in India, #29 in the UK, and #38 in Canada in the comedy fiction category. I’ve been publishing an episode every Monday since February 1st, so there’s a decent chunk of content there. Here’s the link: https://radiofly.in/cake-block.

(This one is the latest episode)

I feel like this 3-5 minute format is the only thing feasible for me right now. It’s in English, of course, and some of you may not be the right target audience. But if you have a sense of humour like mine you’ll enjoy it. It’s like TinyTales but in English with very short episodes and all comedy.

TinyTales WILL be back, at some point in some form. But I can not say when.

Talk again, soon.

Until then, I remain,
Your humble Creative Genius.


Cast: Richard Hodder, Livia Pravato, Maddy Goshorn, Pat Krane, Jason Paquette, Joshua Raven

Written by: Pratik Arora

Executive Producer: Pratik Arora

Editing & Sound design: Pratik Arora

Music from https://www.zapsplat.com